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    Good day to every one ! I'm your new blog friend Edmar, I presently work as a Senior Network/ Systems Administrator in a Military School in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. I have decided to create this blog to document any technical procedures, matters and problems that I always encounter in my daily life as an IT Professional, Gadget Enthusiast and a Filipino working in a place other than my homeland. ...

  • Upgrading the WRT54g with DD-WRT firmware

    WAP54g Linksys Wireless Access Point is a very good access point device. Aside from its function as a WIFI an access point, It can also be configured as a client and repeater.The sad thing is,Linksys already stop manufacturing this workhorse. The WRT54g Router WIFI is like the Mother version of WAP54G minus the Client and Repeater mode option . To be able to function as repeater or bridge mode, we need to upgrade its firmware with DD-WRT.

  • Configuring Linksys WRT54G as a Universal Repeater

    In my previous post, we learned how to upgrade the linksys WRT54G firmware with DD-WRT. Now , I will show you how to configure it as a Universal Repeater ...

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    Pellentesque ut ante magna, eget suscipit metus. Sed scelerisque, urna non vehicula porta, urna tortor malesuada elit, vel ornare tortor diam vel augue? Nunc quis dolor vitae arcu ullamcorper sagittis. Nulla tincidunt velit at nibh ornare condimentum. Fusce metus libero, rhoncus vel ultricies sit amet, scelerisque in eros! Nam adipiscing ...

Saturday, July 20, 2013

MMK Rosas July 20 2013 Courtesy of ABS-CBN

Posted by MABUHAYTV | 1:49 PM Categories: ,

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